Better Control = Fewer Costly Retakes

Finally, there’s a disposable VPS impression material syringe that’s fast and precise–and saves money, with no waste or cross-contamination. The 2cc Mojo Syringe was developed by a working dentist to help you take the perfect impression every time, with less wasted material.

Available Pre-Filled or Ready-to-Fill:

  • More Consistent Application

    The Mojo Syringe offers much better control than dispensing light body wash material from an impression gun. The adjustable tip allows material application at a consistent ninety-degree angle to the sulcus.

  • Superb Ergonomics

    Applying material circumferentially at this angle minimizes air bubbles and retakes. The Mojo Syringe easily reaches even the distal of the second molars with superb ergonomics.

  • Saves You Money

    Eliminates cross-contamination and messy clean-ups.