By a dentist, for dentists.

Since 1985, Ho Dental Company has been delivering on the promise of helping dentists work smarter, not harder… with innovative products that save time, save money, and produce excellent results. These are the guiding principles of Dr. Phillip Ho, DMD, who is himself a practicing dentist and chief product developer.

  • Excellent Results

    Highest-quality prosthetic restorations begin with precise and accurate dental impressions.

  • Highly Rated

    Our products have received consistently received high marks from independent evaluators for efficacy and value.

  • Excellent Value

    Ho Dental products are designed to perform well and cost less.

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#1 Rated Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material

Vaccu-sil is the one of the least expensive VPS materials on the market today, yet performs as well as the top-name brands that cost more. Save roughly $8.90 per impression: a savings that can amount to about $3,300 per year for the average dental practice.

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The Mojo Syringe: Less waste, superb ergonomics, excellent reach

The small yet sensibly angled tip of our Mojo Syringe gives you easy access even to the distals of second molars and allows the material to be applied right at the sulcus circumferentially, thus minimizing air bubbles at the margin.

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Dual Arch Impression Trays That Combine Rigid Steel with Plastic for Superior Strength and Value

Harmony Posterior and Anterior Dual Arch Trays are made with rigid plastic, with wide handles, and sturdy mesh, so they're disposable while built for optimal performance and maneuverability.

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  • “Ho Dental Impression Material possesses all the characteristics I used to get from much more expensive VPS.”  —Jeffery W. Hadley, D.D.S.

  • “The Ho Dental Vacu-Mixer VPS Mixing Machine was an instant game-changer for our staff. It’s handheld and portable, making it faster and easier to use.” —Dr. Daniel McCawley, DDS

  • “The AiroPur suction device is very efficient and I believe my patients feel that I am doing everything to keep them, and myself, safe. I have shared the device in other offices that I also work, and it is easy to implement.”  —Jane P., RDH, Santa Barbara, CA

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