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VacuCord Non-Medicated Gingival Retraction Cord - 100 inches

VacuCord Non-Medicated Gingival Retraction Cord - 100 inches

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254 cm/100 inches. Choice of sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2  ... or a kit containing one each of all 4.

VacuCord is a knitted, non-medicated gingival retraction cord for dental impressions. It is designed for rapid tissue displacement and absorption of fluid at the sulcus, solving one of the primary challenges with getting a quality impression from typical gingival retraction cords: adequate tissue retraction and moisture control.

Knitted retraction cord creates optimal tissue displacement compared to typical cords, which tend to be twisted or braided.

Benefits of VacuCord Non-Medicated Gingival Retraction Cord:

    • Easy and rapid tissue displacement for clearer margins and best-quality impressions.
    • Knitted design stays in place better than twisted or braided cord.
    • Compressed during packing, then expands for optimal retraction.
    • Not dislodged by contact with rotating diamond bur.
    • Color-coded for easy identification and removal.
    • Highly absorbent of astringent solutions.
    • Cuts clean with a sharp steel blade.
    • Plastic barrier prevents cord from falling into the bottle upon cutting.

    • As good or better than more expensive knitted retraction cords.
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