Because Your Practice Deserves Both Performance and Value

  • By a Dentist, for Dentists

    Dr. Phillip Ho, DMD, has over 30 years of product development experience and full-time dental practice. He is genuine in his desire to help dentists like himself save time and money while improving results.

  • Products That Cost Less but Do More

    Dr. Ho states, “My biggest motivation for developing new products…‘is it better, faster, cheaper for the Dentist?' All Ho Dental Company products must cost less but do more.”

  • Recognized for Value and Performance

    A Utah-based, independent dental products evaluation organization has given several Ho Dental products positive reviews for value and performance.

Dr. Phillip Ho, DMD | Inventor and CEO

Dr. Ho is a successful Dentist, Inventor, and Dental Products Wholesaler. Dr. Ho graduated from the University of Pennsylvania as a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. Dr. Ho entered into full-time practice 1985. He continues to practice full-time and averages 400 impressions per year. His office is located in Santa Barbara, California.

Dr. Ho created his first product, the Ho Band, just before he entered into full-time practice. Over the years Dr. Ho has brought over a dozen original products into the Dental Marketplace. He remains active in product development, most recently introducing the AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup in 2021.