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Vaccu-sil Impression Putty

Vaccu-sil Impression Putty

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Minimize costly retakes with this high-performance putty.

When it comes to dental impressions, the ability to consistently and accurately capture highly-defined details is crucial. That’s what makes Vaccu-sil Impression Putty a clear winner for the dentist who wants excellent performance and value.

The superior hydrophilicity of all Vaccu-sil products results in highly accurate imprints, in moisture-persistent clinical settings, like bleeding, salivation, tissue exudation, and subgingival margins.

Vaccu-sil Impression Putty is a dimensionally stable Vinyl Poly Siloxane that offers excellent detail reproduction and tear strength, for better, more predictable results. Its very high viscosity offers greater rigidity and support, effectively distributing light body material into the sulcus.

Makes an excellent base for Vaccu-sil Light-Body VPS Impression Material.

Benefits and Characteristics:
• Well-suited for Putty/Wash Technique
• Type 0 Very High Viscosity
• Shore-A Hardness Approx 60
• Excellent recovery after deformation
• High dimensional stability 
• Excellent tear strength
• Superior hydrophilicity
• Pleasant Taste/Neutral Odor
• Excellent cost/ml

• Crowns/Bridges
• Onlays/Inlays
• Implants
Orthodontic Appliances

Set Times:
Combines comfortable working time with fast set time:
Regular: Work Time 1:30. Set Time 2:00.
Fast-Set: Work Time :30. Set Time 1:30.

300 ml Catalyst + 300 ml Base
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