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Extra Mojo Syringe Tips - 50 CT

Extra Mojo Syringe Tips - 50 CT

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Our Extra Mojo Syringe Tips eliminate wasted time, money, and impression material by allowing you to use the complete contents of a Mojo Syringe. With Extra Mojo Syringe Tips, you never have to throw away the contents of a partially filled Mojo Syringe again!

Extra Mojo Syringe Tips come in handy when enough material remains inside a single-use Mojo Syringe to take a second impression. These Mojo Mixing Tips fit both the Mojo and Mojo Complete Single-Use Syringe products. 

Usage Instructions:

Leave the original tip on the partially-used syringe until you are ready to use the rest of the impression material inside.

When you are ready to use the rest of the material, unscrew and remove the original mixing tip and discard.

Screw on the new Mojo Tip and immediately use the remaining impression material inside.

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