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AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup - 40ct

AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup - 40ct

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The AiroPur Dental Aerosol Suction Cup is a simple suction device for controlling aerosols in the dental operatory, especially during aerosol-generating procedures, such as ultrasonic or coronal polishing.

The AiroPur Dental Suction Cup inserts easily into the end of your High-Volume Evacuation (HVE) hose, so there’s no expensive equipment to buy.

It’s easy to use: Simply instruct the patient to hold top of the AiroPur even with their lower lip while the HVE is operational.

And perhaps best of all, it’s inexpensive enough to be disposable, but is autoclavable for multiple uses.

Another cost-saving product from Ho Dental Company!

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