Ho Dental's Vaccu-sil is a super-hydrophilic, addition-cure vinyl polysiloxane dental impression material that is used for all crown and bridge, edentulous, orthodontic and implant impression techniques. Vaccu-sil has high elongation for easy removal from the mouth, while its excellent elastic recovery and strength properties provide accurate, detailed impressions.

Rated #1 for Performance and Value

The cornerstone products of Ho Dental’s line of impression materials have received a high rating by an independent, non-profit dental products testing organization in July 2018.

Ho Dental Vaccu-sil VPS impression material was compared to 14 other high-quality VPS materials. At $0.19 per CC, Ho Dental VPS impression material is about one-third the cost of competitors’, while retaining all of the quality characteristics demanded by restorative dentists.

Available in 50ml, 120ml and Pre-Filled Syringes