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Vaccu-sil Super Hydrophilic VPS Impression Material 50 ml - 4ct

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Set Time

 Vaccu-sil 50ml cartridges (4 / box). Set Times:

    • Heavy/Regular: WT 2 min ST 4 min
    • Heavy/Fast: WT 1 min ST 2 min
    • Light/Regular: WT 2 min ST 4 min
    • Light/Fast: WT 1min ST 2 min


  • About Vaccu-sil

    Vaccu-sil VPS impression material is an addition-cure vinyl polysiloxane dental impression material that is used for all crown and bridge, edentulous, orthodontic and implant impression techniques. Vaccu-sil has high elongation for easy removal from the mouth, while its excellent elastic recovery and strength properties provide accurate, detailed impressions.

  • Product Benefits

    Best cost per ML anywhere
    Best working time
    #1 in the marketplace based on cost and performance
    Great Setting Time
    Impressions remain sharp longer
    Excellent Dimensional Stability
    Excellent Material Properties
    Easy 1:1 Ratio
    Pleasant TasteNeutral Odor

  • Best Value + Performance

    At $.19 per cc, Vaccu-sil is the least expensive VPS impression material on the market today and yet, performs as well or better than brands which cost $.64 or more per cc. An average impression requires 20 cc, so by simply switching over to Vaccu-sil, an average dental practice can save roughly $8.90 per impression or around $3,300 per year - on cost alone.

  • "Ho Dental impression material possesses all of the characteristics I used to get from much more expensive PVS." -- Dr. Jeffery W. Hadley, D.D.S.

  • "The 4-minute set time of the Regular Set gives me plenty of working time [while being] shorter than many others. I do not experience issues with distortion, and the material maintains its shape indefinitely, allowing additional pours, if necessary. It’s definitely my favorite of the many impression materials I’ve tried!” --Dr. Justina Pham