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Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray - 50ct

Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray - 50ct

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[50 trays per box]

The disposable Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray was designed by a working dentist to create a better-fitting, more rigid -- and more reliable -- disposable dual arch tray at a competitive price.  Its shape and rigidity prevent distortion and tuberosity impingement. No more slanted crowns or veneers!

The Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray is an advancement over other dual arch trays on the market today. These features enable you to achieve flawless impressions: 

    • The Harmony Posterior Dual Arch Tray features a narrow, 2.6 mm steel distal bar for superior rigidity to prevent distortion in the impression -- minimizing do-overs.
    • It narrows toward the back of the mouth, unlike other trays which stay the same width or are even wider. This results in more precise bite and more accurate impressions.
    • The sidewalls of the unit are low, which avoids tissue impingement and occlusal interferences.
    • It features thin, fully-attached inter-occlusal mesh.

    • It has a large handle for easy and accurate placement.

Independently reviewed and recommended.
In an extensive study done by an independent dental products evaluation organization, 73% rated the trays as excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues.

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