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Facial Plane Relator Bite Registration Tool

Facial Plane Relator Bite Registration Tool

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With Ho Dental’s Facial Plane Relator, you can easily record an accurate bite registration in just 60 seconds!  This simple dental tool records the exact position of the desired midline in relation to a horizontal plane, making it easy for you to get the perfect bite registration every time.

Send the Facial Plane Relator to the laboratory along with your final impression. The Relator will accurately communicate the patient’s vertical and horizontal midlines to the laboratory technician. This will guide him in setting the proper angulation and the incise edge position of teeth number 8 and 9 as well as the proper angulation of the occlusal plane.

This product can be used with your favorite bite registration material, and it's simple to use. The horizontal alignment bar features an arch with 25 fingers for stabilizing the unit within the registration material. The vertical alignment bar snaps on. Just place the arch into extruded bite registration material and align the horizontal and vertical bars with the patient's face before the material hardens.

For the lab tech, this Relator tool takes away all of the usual guesswork about the patient's midline and horizontal planes, as well as the chance of poor midline results.

For you, the dentist, it means a flawless impression. For your patients, it means a beautiful smile!

Please refer to this video for assembly and usage instructions.

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