One For All Hand Sanitizer: Superior Protection for Dentists

One For All Hand Sanitizer: Superior Protection for Dentists

Ho Dental Company launched a new kind of hand sanitizer to the dental industry this week. One For All Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-free formulation that does what 70% alcohol-based sanitizers can’t: It protects users for hours, in-between hand washings.

One For All Outperforms 70% Alcohol Sanitizers

“Many people, including medical professionals, don’t realize that the minute alcohol sanitizer is dry, it stops providing protection,” stated Phillip Ho, DMD, co-inventor of One for All Hand Sanitizer. “If you touch an infected surface, you need to reapply alcohol sanitizers. That’s impractical for daily use.”

One for All kills more than 99.9% bacteria, fungi, and viruses (including human coronavirus) in less than 15 seconds. Its active ingredient, benzalkonium chloride, is one of three FDA-compliant ingredients for hand sanitizers and kills germs on contact. One For All is fortified with patented Nanodex™ technology, which has been shown in laboratory testing to kill germs for up to 24 hours. Nanodex forms a long-lasting barrier on the skin that continues killing germs until it is washed off.

“One For All is a superior solution for dental and medical offices,” Dr. Ho said. “First, it can protect their staff, who are interacting with the public all day. Secondly, it can help protect their patients by limiting the spread of germs and bacteria in the dental office.”

Minimizes Skin Drying and Cracking

In addition to providing superior protection, One For All Hand Sanitizer boasts moisturizing properties to help healthcare professionals protect their hands. Alcohol-based sanitizers are drying to the skin. That’s especially a problem in health care settings, where staff are constantly reapplying alcohol sanitizers throughout the day. One For All’s formula is effective and alcohol-free. It also features Jojoba Oil, a natural moisturizer. Tea Tree and Rosemary Oils are natural biocides with skin-healing properties. Vitamins C and E offer skin-rejuvenating benefits.

“One of the top complaints we hear about alcohol sanitizer is that it irritates the skin with repeated use. Painful, chapped and cracked skin is an opportunity for infection,” Dr. Ho said. “We formulated One For All to be soothing and supportive to the skin.”

Developed by Scientists and Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF)

One for All was developed by ACatechol, Inc., ( Ho Dental’s CEO Dr. Phillip Ho serves as Executive Vice President of Product Development for the company. The ACatechol team includes internationally-recognized scientists and clinicians. The company was awarded grants from both the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop the next generation of sanitizers in the fight against infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

FDA-Registered and Made in the USA

One For All Hand Sanitizer is registered with the FDA and is manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered facility.

Pricing and Availability

One for All Hand Sanitizer is available in 500 ml foam pump bottles for $19.99 and 50ml Travel Size for $9.99 MSRP.

About Ho Dental Company

Ho Dental Company is a premier dental supply company located in Las Vegas. Founder Dr. Phillip Ho, DMD, has more than 35 years of product development experience. He also operates a full-time dental practice in Santa Barbara, CA. His goal is to help dentists like himself save time and money while improving results and client satisfaction.

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