How to Fix Imperfect Dental Impressions

How to Fix Imperfect Dental Impressions

Our Replacement Syringe Tips Make it easy.

Rather than using a new impression syringe for small jobs, you now can attach a new tip to a partially-used syringe.

The Problem:

Dentists often have to fix imperfect dental impressions. Wash material is very thin, so when you pouring plaster into the impression, it can distort. Or sometimes they may encounter a bubble at the margin, causing a void in a critical area.

Only a tiny amount of material is required to make the fix, yet most doctors will grab a fresh syringe to apply it. It’s disappointing, then, to have to throw away and waste the rest of the syringe.

If you’re often throwing away syringes with material still inside them, that’s also a cost that can add up over time. Here’s how to fix imperfect dental impressions using replacement tips for your impression material syringes:

The Solution: Apply a New Tip to a Partially-Used Syringe

With our new Extra Mojo Syringe Tips you can easily remove the old tip from any Mojo Syringe or Mojo Complete Pre-Filled Syringe and screw on a new one. Applying a fresh Mojo Tip is an easy way to use up all the material inside a Mojo Syringe. Rather than go through two syringes, you can use one.

The Mojo Syringe holds 2 ccs of impression material — enough for about three crowns. With its small, precise tip, it’s perfect for precision applications for which a hand-held gun is not practical.

At $5.25 per 10-pack, it’s smart to keep our Extra Mojo Syringe Tips on-hand, so you can quickly and easily apply a fresh tip. Less wasted material means more cost-savings to you.


Video: Here’s a quick demonstration using the Mojo Syringe to touch up an imperfect impression.


Another cost-saving idea from Ho Dental Company.

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